Click to enlargeSeptarian Nodules

Septarian Nodules are concretions that have a series of radiating cracks, crossed by a series of concentric cracks to form a “turtle-back” appearance. Ball-like Sepatrian Nodules began their life as sedimentary slime at the bottom of a Cretaceous Sea 50 to 70 million years ago. Sediment composed of decomposing plants and animals formed into balls.

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Click to enlargeSeptarian NoduleOverall size 7" x 6" -- Weight 5 lbs

SPT-202Regular price: $145.00Sale price: $88.00
Click to enlargeSeptarian NoduleOverall Size 6" x 5" -- Weight 5 lbs

SPT-203Regular price: $130.00Sale price: $76.00
Click to enlargeSeptarian Nodule -- SOLDLARGE specimen with well-defined ridges. Overall Size 7" x 7" and 4" thick -- Weight 7 lbs


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